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Sarius Group Ltd has the facility to aid in recruiting staff in many areas of the industry. These areas include office staff through to field staff both full and part time. We can also offer personel for training and inspection services where required. Our dedicated human resources team means that no company experiences problems with staff entry/exit of travel as our services includes visa & passport application, hotel and flight booking (in advance or at a moments notice).
We stock, source and supply ex-factory from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East. We ship, deliver, pack and consolidate. We provide computerized status reports, handle all legalized, translated and certification of documents, trans ship materials into our own customs points and inspect and check the material. We provide a personal service of hand carries of material to your staff returning to location. We advise flight and shipping details and provide one service ex factory to your final yard with no third part involvement. That is our complete package. Unless of course your require something special!